Kits Update

Kits Update

The following kits have been delivered today and expected to be available for dispatch tomorrow, so when in stock please order before Monday to beat the price increase.

Part No                         Web Site URL

BW02813U       ECS Electronics | BW02813U (
HN555DHU       ECS Electronics | HN555DHU (
HY058BHU       ECS Electronics | HY058BHU (
HY058DHU       ECS Electronics | HY058DHU (
HY062DHU       ECS Electronics | HY062DHU (
MB09813U        ECS Electronics | MB09813U (
MT115BHU       ECS Electronics | MT115BHU (
SP206ZZ           ECS Electronics | SP206ZZ (
VA01007MU      ECS Electronics | VA01007MU (
VA01013MU      ECS Electronics | VA01013MU (
VL024BXU        ECS Electronics | VL024BXU (
VL04813U         ECS Electronics | VL04813U (
VW16513U        ECS Electronics | VW16513U (

If I can help with anything else please drop me an mail at or give me a call on 07590 564639.

Thanks for your continued support & stay safe and well.

Kind regards