New Prices

New Prices

Price Adjustment
As you are probably aware the worldwide supply chain of automotive components is currently disrupted, leading to shortages of raw materials and electronic components that affect availability throughout the whole supply chain.
Evaluating this situation we have decided that maintaining availability of products to you, as an extremely valued customer, is our highest priority.
This commitment has resulted in ECS having to accept significant up cost in transportation and alternative sources of components that unavoidably result in higher cost prices.

Since the summer of 2020, we have taken the following actions to endeavour to keep our delivery performance at a high level:

  • Deploy alternative sources for buying components
  • Using significantly more air freights instead of sea freights
  • Closely monitoring our stock situation of high runners and directly initiating extra production
  • Expansion of production and assembling capacity at our factories

 Until recently, these actions were sufficient to keep providing our customers with frequent deliveries.
However, since the beginning of 2021 we have been faced with significant price increases of both material cost (copper price, electronic components) and transportation costs. Our main priority at ECS Electronics is to keep distinguishing ourselves based on availability performance and although we have managed to absorb many of the additional costs we do now need to make an adjustment to our prices.

  • All orders placed from 02-08-2021 the retail price of products available from ECS Uk will be increased by 7%.
  • Any orders placed up to and including 01-08-2021, will be invoiced at your current price.

Please follow the links below for the new retail prices           



We are confident that the improvements we have made within our business & future decisions we take will result in the best possible availability for you and we look forward to maintaining our strong relationship and to be able to develop our business together to our mutual benefit.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and many thanks for your continued support.
Kind regards
Andy Royles
Sales & Marketing Director UK & Ireland
07590 564639