Product Integration

Product Integration

ECS UK can now provide a FREE product feed with live detailed information about our products direct to your website, including prices and stock levels (images not included).

The product feed is formatted in XML or CSV and can be obtained through a https request (WEB-API).

ECS will provide the correct feed URL  to you and the URL contains 3 parameters to identify the correct customer:

  • Customer ID (CID)
  • Password (p)
  • ECS debtor code (dc)

The URL can be called many times per day, but the data contained within is only refreshed 4 times per day.

When the URL is called by a https request the product feed XML/csv code is given instantaneously.

Any further integration into your own system, e.g. for reselling products/images will need to be done by your own developer team.
All we need from you to provide the information is the IP address of your website(s) and you can be assured that security restrictions will be set to ensure privacy.

If you would like to receive some examples of the files/information or would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Kindest regards