13 Pin wiring diagram

The purpose of a towbar wiring diagram is to help you understand the wiring requirements for your specific vehicle and to ensure that the towbar is installed correctly. The 13-pin wiring diagram replaced the N and S-type sockets on trailers and caravans across Europe. The advantage is that a 13-pin plug offers you reverse light facilities that the 7-pin cannot.

Below you can see a fitting diagram which shows you the colours and functions of each pin.

13 PIN ISO 11446

Pin number Function Colour UK Colour Euro
1 Left turn Signal Yellow Black/White
2 Rear fog lamps Blue Blue
3 Ground for pin 1-8 White Brown
4 Right turn signal Green Black/Green
5 Right tail lamps Brown Grey/Red
6 Stop lamps Red Black/Red
7 Left tail lamps Black Grey/Black
8 Reversing lamps Pink Black
9 +12V permanent live Orange Red
10 +12V ignition live Grey Yellow
11 Ground for pin 10 White/black Brown
12 Not used Black Red/Blue
13 Ground for pin 9 White/red Brown

13 pin wiring diagram iso 11446

Since 2008 all caravans in Europe are wired with 13 pin plugs. You can use a 13-pin socket with 7-pin plugs if you have an adapter that splits the electrics. Check out our towbar adapters in case you need one.

Fitting instructions for every vehicle

For every towbar wiring kit installation, we provide you with comprehensive fitting instructions. It is full of information to aid you with the process with step-by-step illustrations and also tells you which vehicle trim panels must be removed.

In case you have any questions during the installation process, you can reach out to our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) or the 'Technician Support' helpline. Within every wiring kit, we give our customer service phone number which connects to our multilingual technical website and helpdesk support. This phone number is free of charge.

For more information in general, please read our comprehensive guide about towbar electrics.