The "Canfinder" is probably one of the most valuable testing tools in your towbar technicians workshop! The Canfinder is a useful gadget giving you an electrical and electronics testing tool all in one!


Finds pulsed live feeds without breaking the wire insulation:-

  • Pulsed feeds
  • CANbus signals both CAN high and CAN low

With the visual LED or sounder readout on the CANfinder, the CANbus network can be easily identified. A sounder indicates that there is some data activity on the bus and with some practice you can hear if the data-flow sounds healthy. The red or green LED light identifies if the wire is CAN-Hi or CAN-Lo.

CANfinder Towbar Technicains Testing Tool


One of the most useful benefits of the CANfinder is that you can see that the data-flow stops when the vehicle is turned off and goes into shut down mode. This confirms that you know the vehicle battery wont discharge after the towbar installation.

Modern vehicles are packed with a multitude of digital electronics. Use the CANfinder to locate and track these signals. If you have to work under the dashboard or in places with poor lighting there is an integral light mounted on the front of the CANfinder to help you identify the cables.

CANfinder can also be used to test pulses on different types of lights. You can use it to identify 'Pulse Width Modulation' lights which have double function such as the brake light& tail light.

Additional Uses

Additional uses include, for example, finding problems of interference from a windscreen wiper motor or a bad Xenon lamp. It is also possible to test the ignition. The Lambda Sensor can be checked to see if gives a regulation signal or not.

LightMate III

LightMate III is the Brand New ‘state of the art’ towbar and trailer electrics test instrument from ECS Electronics for the professional towbar fitter or trailer service engineer.

The LightMate lll is the ultimate tester for towbar electrics including all the road light circuits and supplementary power feeds +30 & +15 switched.  The tester can also be used to independently power and check trailer or caravan lighting.

Testing all the towbar road light functions is the necessary standard procedure during the annual MOT and after installing a towbar wiring system.  The advanced LightMate III road light testing works for both standard tungsten bulbs and new LED lighting systems and  It is also an invaluable tool to help find and troubleshoot faulty circuits in towbar and trailer or caravan towing electrics.

The LightMate III has the following new features:

  • Portable control panel -  Allowing the installer to check all the circuit functions from the driver’s seat.
  • A durable dedicated case - Providing maximum protection.
  • Compact design - Contained in the easily portable case.
  • Flexible lighting tests – Can be switched between 12V standard tungsten bulbs and LED lights to test different lighting systems.

The LightMate III makes circuit diagnoses quick and simple.  And with the enhanced features included ECS Electronics have created the market leading professional test device for you and your business.

Download LightMate III Manual Download LightMate II Manual

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