Towbar wiring kits

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Items 361-369 of 530

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Towbar wiring kit

Having the right towbar wiring kit is crucial to ensure the vehicle's functionalities perform correctly when towing. Thanks to this connection between the car and the trailer/caravan or trailer your road lights are working just perfectly. There are various types of towbar wiring kits and at ECS Electronics you can find these kits for every vehicle.


What is the difference between a 7-pin and a 13-pin electrics?

7 Pin and 13 Pin allow you to drive safely when towing although there are some differences. For starters, the 13-pin plug has more functionalities than a 7-pin. The 13-pin can offer you additional features such as reversing lights whereas a 7-pin provides you with basic road lighting.


Vehicle-specific wiring kit vs universal kits

Vehicle-specific towbar wiring kits are like the name implies, tailored to the unique functionality of your car. Universal kits, on the other hand, bypass any additional functionalities on the vehicle! However, various functionalities on the car will not work when a universal kit is fitted.


Vehicle-specific towbar wiring: the advantages

  • Choosing a vehicle-specific kit gives you specific and detailed instructions on how to fit the product correctly to your specific vehicle
  • Our kits are built to be reliable with connections that will work flawlessly for many years.
  • The modules are compatible with the electronic system in the vehicle.
  • Lastly, you do not risk damaging vehicle electronics with a specific kit.


Find the right towbar wiring kit for your vehicle

Thanks to our internal search tool, you can find the towbar wiring kit for your vehicle in a matter of seconds. Select the brand of the car and the specific model. Look up the body type and the year the car was produced. Do you already know which wiring kit you would like to purchase? Save yourself some time using our tool which enables you to quickly order towbar wiring kits or go directly to our best-selling brands:


Technical support installing your towbar wiring kit

Do you need help with your towbar installation? ECS Electronics is here to help you. Within every wiring kit, we give our customer care service phone number which connects to our multilingual technical website and helpdesk support. This phone number is free of charge. You can also take a look at our FAQ for towbar installations.

Our engineers who design, develop and engineer the towbar wiring kits are highly specialized in all types of vehicles. With the help of our expert assistance, the installation process will be swift and easy. This allows you to drive safely on the road for many years!